Parents Corner

Welcome to the Parent Corner where you will be able to find all the information you will need. We will have a calendar for parents snack bar and work schedule. We also have attached more information about your responsibilities in this corner, in case you need more information. Please contact us if you have any questions.

At the bottom of the page is our official statement on the Coronavirus and our future of the season.

Parents! Below is the Work Schedule for Snack Bar and Booth & Field set up. Home team is responsible for snack stand duty and the Visiting team is responsible for booth duty (score keeping/board, announcing) and field set-up. We ask ALL parents to help with cleanup. The first game of the day is responsible for setting up the snack stand, and the last game of the day is responsible for clean-up and take down of the snack stand. If you are unable to work your assigned shift, you must find someone to switch with within your team, or have a family member or friend work for you (all workers must be 18 or older, unless previously approved by the Board). To help facilitate the exchanges within your team, please contact your team parent. All exchanges MUST be reported to your team parent. Your team parent is:

Braves: Kristen Herber
Mets: Lily Zavala
Mariners: Anthony Salerno

If your team does not have a team parent, no switching will be available, as there is no one to report it to. Failure to fulfill any of your assigned duties will result in the cashing of your deposit check. No Exceptions.